What Our Satisfied Clients Say...

Expertise Professionalism I've had several years of transmission issues that were "fixed" by the dealership and another repair shop - fixed meaning remove and replace. I found Beaverton All Transmission by a fluke. After my phone conversation about my van and what it was doing and likely needed, I had a sense that this shop was worth a shot. Though the overall repair cost more than the initial estimate - you really don't know what is wrong until you get inside the transmission - I firmly believe that the repairs were warranted and necessary. A word of caution to all of those "do-it-yourself" out there - DO NOT use any of the transmission stop-leak chemicals. I have photographic evidence from the inside of my van's transmission to show the damage to every seal and gasket. You may think it's a quick, easy and inexpensive fix, but when your transmission fails as a result, you will learn the truth. I just got my van back yesterday afternoon - but I can tell you the difference is amazing. I am so grateful I found this shop and would highly recommend it to others.

Was totally freaked out that my car needed a new transmission until a friend of mine told me to take my car here. I finally got around to bringing it in for their free check out. No sooner than when I got home the phone was ringing. They told me that what was wrong was a common and simple fix that cost next to nothing, and that it was a good thing I didn't wait much longer. I'll remember these guys.
Holy Moly! An honest transmission repair shop! My Mercedes repair shop recommended Pete and Beaverton Transmission as I was having a problem with the car really "clunking" when either up or down shifting. It had started when the car back fired into the engine and needed a fuel regulator replaced. It also caused a vacuum line/hose to come "un-done". After diagnosing the problem, it was repaired for "almost nothing" (seriously!) Even then Pete apologized that he had to charge anything. Should anything else happen to any of the family car's trannies, we KNOW where we are going! SO honest - could have been a real horror story if you've ever dealt with other tranny repair shops....many, many thanks!

I live at the coast and was looking for a transmission shop, only to find out that there wasn't much to choose from. What I did find sounded scary on the phone and even worse when I drove buy. I called some auto parts places Napa, Schucks etc. and they all firmly recommended I call Pete at Beaverton All Transmission Service. I called Pete and could tell right away that I called the right place. I am retired and on a fixed income and very careful on my financial decisions. The whole process from beginning to the end under the circumstances was pleasant. I felt I was treated very fairly. But most of all my car runs beautifully.

Didn't charge me any anything. I pulled up, went in, told the guy what my car was doing, he came right out raised the hood and fiddled with something, shut the hood and said it was fixed. Without even driving it. And you Know what? He was right.
Excellent staff of personnel. Now I know why they have been in business for over 44 years. I don't see how any shop could have done a better job than these guys. They explained everything in plain understanding language. Their approach to pricing was simple," why pay more than absolutely necessary". They were able to tailor the pricing down with a lesser warranty to match, without compromising materials or workmanship. I highly recommend you consider these guys.

Wow, what professionals. My car never ran this good new. Competitive prices and a nationwide warranty. I was quoted prices with variations of over $1200. From nine different shops, until I did some background checking through the BBB, city search,etc. One family had there transmission done at some shop in Gresham three times before the shop finally closed its doors. Unable to afford to pay to have it redone, they sold the car.

I have a 2006 f 150 that had a real loss of power. I was diagnosed at another transmission shop at needing to rebuild or replace my transmission. With the price I was quoted I wanted to get a second opinion. So I got on city search and took it to Beaverton all transmission. After road testing my truck The real problem wasn't my transmission, It was a collapsed exhaust system due to a defective catalytic converter, which made my truck have a loss of power. I had to find a mechanic but it was a whole lot cheaper than a transmission replacement. Thank you Pete, you guys didn't get my business this time, But your honesty will bring me back in the future.

I recently took my Dodge Dakota in because the tranny was having issues with grinding in 1st and 2nd gear (it's a manual). Pete was very helpful and upfront about the potential costs. When they took it apart it ended up on the high side of the cost spectrum, so Pete offered me several options including sourcing my own replacement tranny and clutch. I went by the shop (without telling them I was coming) and they immediately showed me my tranny, including the damaged gears and the worn clutch. Since their parts costs were rather high I decided to get my own parts and they gave me a great deal on the labor. I doubt they made any profit, but they stuck to their word and I highly recommend them based on their honesty and integrity.
My 2004 Honda Civic was having some troubles and I had taken it to multiple transmission shops in the surrounding area, all of them told me that I needed a new transmission or have my rebuilt which I did not have the money for. I ended up going to Beaverton transmission to get their opinion, they did find something wrong with it. I discussed my money situation with them and they recommended that I should try going to the Honda Dealership to see if my warranty would cover the charge of fixing it. Which it did, so I had my car fixed for free. Not only did I get great customer service but I found a shop that truly cares about people and are honest. They recommended me to go to Honda knowing they wouldn't get my business if Honda fixed it. It is hard to find honest people nowadays, so I know where I will be going if I have any other problems with my cars :D

I am a contractor and if I don't work I don't make money. I have an e-150 van with an automatic transmission that wasn't shifting properly. I pulled in a half an hour before they closed. I explained my problem about my situation of needing my van for work, and they pulled my van in to the shop and found that I was low on fluid because of a faulty seal. They stayed late to replace it at a very reasonable price, and had up me going to the next job. I really believe that Beaverton transmission went far beyond my expectations for customer service. they gained a customer or life.

They started working on my car right away, found the problem and repaired it quickly. Wonderful shop; friendly, honest people, convenient location - close to the transit center.

So I was having some transmission problems, and my 2002 ford escape had some shifting problems and they said that it was a common problem with ford escapes. they told me it was mlps (manual lever position sensor) Beaverton transmission had my car done with in a days time....... if I have any more problems with any of my cars I know where I will take them